Crabby Cakes For Brunch

Occasionally on Sunday mornings we let out all the stops and go wild for a champagne brunch. The last one was too good to just eat and forget, So I am recording it for posterity, or prosperity, or just downright outrageousness!

We live close enough to the Gulf Coast that we get some really fresh, white, fluffy crab meat (it was so fresh it pinched me!) We cracked four eggs and separated the yolks. Then we whipped the whites to stiffness, and added in one yolk and whipped it a little more. Then we mixed that with a couple cups of the crabmeat, and made patties that we put in the skillet with some butter to fry up golden.Then with the other three yolks we made quick hollandaise in the blender, by adding to them a stick and a half of melted butter, the juice of a lemon, and a teaspoon of really hot New Mexico chili powder.
Finally, we steamed some eggs into just beyond sunny side up, put the crabcake on a plate, shoveled one egg on top and poured the hollandaise over it. We couldn’t call it eggs Benedict, maybe eggs Pancho?
We served it with strips of leftover day old sirloin and scalloped potatoes, and washed it all down with vintage Chandon (Carneros brut 2009).

¡Gritos de alegria!

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