Venison Roast: Ranch Style

Most years we are blessed with more deer and feral hogs then are required by the balance of nature. Without enough predators like cougars and wolves around, we two-leggeds have, for better or worse, taken on the task of “culling the herd.” As a result, there is usually an abundance of venison and wild hog meat at our house. Some like to make it all into sausage, but I prefer cooking it in roasts, and tenderloins. Sometimes I marinate venison prior to cooking but like as not I fail to plan ahead that much and I just braise it like beef. Here is my favorite recipe for a venison haunch.
In a Dutch oven, brown a clean venison rump roast which has been rinsed in apple cider vinegar. I usually brown it in olive oil which is hot (like 350°F).Then add liquid, such as red wine, beer or broth, about halfway up the sides of the cut of meat. Toss in a handful of garlic, and onion cut into rings, and place orange slices complete with rind over the meat. Season with salt and pepper. You can add anything else you like, such as liquid smoke, seasonings or tomato paste, and even a bit of brown sugar, whatever you think will enhance the flavor. I put in it in the oven, or in the Dutch oven and cover with coals to cook at around 250°F for six or seven hours while I go ride horses. In the evening, bring the pot out of the oven or open the Dutch oven and shake the meat off the bones. Serve with taters and beans.

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