Putting Buttons on a Horse: Part 2

Meanwhile back at the “spots on the side of the horse,” we started with the fourth spot out of four. Typical of a cowboy to do everything “Bass-ackwards”! But there’s a reason for beginning at the end. The “Move hind leg over” spot is the most difficult one to conquer. It’s more difficult for the rider, and it’s more difficult for the horse. For this reason I recommend you “start early and stay late” on this one, that way you will get not your self in the habit of leaving it for last because it’s harder to do.
If you look at a horseman from The side, sitting in his or her saddle, he should look like he is standing up, not like he is sitting in a chair. His thighs should angle only slightly forward and his calves slightly back, so that his ankles are directly under his shoulders. That puts his calves about at the level of the cinch. If he touches the horse there, he will be asking the horse’s shoulders to move over. We will go into more detail on the this tomorrow, but that is the number two spot on the side of the horse. Number one, then is a teeny bit farther forward and has to do with stopping and backing up. Finally, spot number three is halfway between number two and number four, along the rib-cage of the horse, and has to do with moving the whole horse over, and with “bending The horse”. The rider who wants to “get things done” with a horse needs to be able to shift these gears easily with his horse, and to do so he must “educate” his horse. We in the cowboy world call it “Skoolin’ “.

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