It’s Flooding in Texas

“What nature doesn’t do to us, will be done by our fellow man,” is a line from a song of political satire done by the Kingston Trio back in the sixties. Strangely, living through these past few weeks in Texas has brought that line back to mind. Ironically, the song also bemoans… “and Texas needs rain!” Which is certainly NOT true this week! Notwithstanding, if nature doesn’t try to wipe us out, mankind is prepared to finish the job, at least if you can believe what is reported by the news media. This, of course was the situation referred to by the song forty years ago. Some things never change, only now, instead of the media reporting the news, we get opinions, and speculation… and three people talking at once! However it is certainly true that an overload of rain has caused the Brazos River to escape its banks, and the only people happy about it are the rice farmers. Not to be flippant, because indeed lives, livelihoods, and livestock have been lost, not to mention houses, and equipment, ruined or washed away! We pray for those folks downstream who have had their lives drastically changed by disaster and loss. We give thanks that our family has not been touched by tragedy. My compadres Bo and Glo in Bryan were only a stone’s throw from a tornado, but fortunately they sustained no major injury or damage.Meanwhile, life goes on. Ironically, next year, when the inevitable drought returns to our area, all this water will be but a memory. One has to wonder why we couldn’t get it nicely spread out. But then life would be so boring. Everything we did in agriculture would work out right. Everyone would be relaxed and happy, and we’d have happy families, and no one would be poor or undereducated or bigoted or slighted, oops! I guess I forgot, I was only supposed to report the news about the floodwater. By the way, did you know that you are made of 95% water? It’s like the old saying 

“You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.” 

 Well, I gotta go, my canoe is ready to take me to the barn, see ya!

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