How to Keep Learning About Horses

Once upon a time it was the Germans in the French who fought and argued about equitation. Now, it’s East versus West, with Texas slap dab in the middle. The good news is that nowadays Texas as a veritable smorgasbord of teachers and clinicians coming from everywhere to us! On any given weekend you have the choice to attend demonstrations, lectures, clinics given by famous German dressage trainers, cutting horse professionals, Trail class gurus, reiners, hunters, jumpers, and polo coaches. Seemingly every kind of equitation and carriage driving, draft horse pulling and mule training is covered. Then, the really good news is that in most areas of Texas, there are well-qualified riding instructors to whom you can go and learn proper riding techniques and maintain the skills learned in weekend clinics. To top it all off, the prices are even reasonable, such a deal! Now the only problem is sorting through what appears to be differences of opinion amongst these “Pros from Dover.” Even that may not be such an insurmountable obstacle. The reason is that there are shelves and mountains of books, and Kindles of literature to help explain the theory and bio-mechanics behind the schooling of horses. All you have to do is to decide just what kind of schooling fits the type of riding you are passionate about. So, read, attend clinics, and take those weekly lessons. I do, and I’ve been a student for almost 50 years! I know… some people learn slower than others! Right?

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