Horses still; despite the “infernal combustion” engine

So why do we mess with riding and training horses when we have jet airplanes, pick-up trucks, tractors, ATVs, and the Internet? Perhaps because they keep us grounded? Oh, I didn’t mean just when we fall off, it’s about dealing with something more elemental than machines, deadlines, clocks and “infernal combustion engines.” Horses bring us back to earth-time, they are more organic, more in tune with our own brain and central nervous system, which unlike Detroit, hasn’t come out with a new model in millennia!!
Sure, to most of us our horses are for recreation, they may even be our psychiatrist! Meanwhile, in certain places and in certain jobs the team of horse and rider are still indispensable. In agriculture for instance, ranch horses still occupy an important place. But they also find use in law-enforcement and in search and rescue, and security. The human on a horse can get to more inaccessible places, faster and with less expenditure of fossil fuel then ATVs. For this reason horses have not been totally replaced by machines, and increasingly on small organic farms, in forestry and in livestock work the horse continues to reign supreme as our work partner.! Besides, a four wheeler won’t come to the fence when it sees you come out your back door!

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