The California Omelette

Seems kind of strange for a Texan to talk about a California omelette, but I’m here to tell you, it’s about as good’a “eatin’ food” as there is! We were living in Denver, Colorado for a while, and there we discovered this dish delish! What makes it California is that it has avocados in it. But, we have avocados here in Texas, too!

First thing you get up in the morning, you fry up some bacon, crisp, then chop up some bell peppers, preferably the red or yellow ones, and start them sautéing in the olive oil. Then 26start rolling tomatoes around in the hot oil, so the skins come loose, and pull off the skin, throw it away and mash the tomatoes. Finally, throw in minced onion and let the sofrito (or súga, a s the local Sicilians call it) cook down on low heat to a coarse sauce. Now chop up some avocados, get out a package of goat cheese, and veggs. In a small bowl, crack the eggs, and add a dollop of water, a couple of shakes of salt, a skift of turmeric, and whip it all up. Into a skillet with a good layer of melted butter on medium heat, pour in enough egg mixture for one omelette. When the egg just barely sets, flip it and quickly add a tablespoon of the sauce, several slices of avocado, the bacon, and the goat cheese. Fold the omelette over the ingredients, and flip it one more time – then slide it onto a hot plate.


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