Porch Singin’

Cowboy coffee pot next to a dutch oven lid with coals on top.

“six o’clock silence of a new day beginin’
is heard in a small Texas town.
Like a signal from nowhere the people who live there,
are up and movin’ around.”

These words floated through my mind as I stumbled around in the dark trying to build a pot of coffee. The night before we had the whole “fam’dam’ly” on the front porch singing. The kids were running around in the yard blowing bubbles and throwing cascarones, then someone handed me a guitar saying, “’buelo, play the Zebra Dun.” With everyone’s help we got through this long, complicated song, then followed with the Strawberry roan. It might not have been very pretty but we sang and laughed, and once again it brought us together as music has done in my family for as long as I can remember.

“For there’s bacon to fry, and biscuits to bake
on the stove that the Salvation Army won’t take.
You open the windows and you turn on the fan,
because it’s hotter than hell when the sun hits the land!”

These words, taken from the Texas Trilogy, were penned by one of our heroes, singer-songwriter Steven Fromholz, or Frummox as he was known. He was a bard and his songs grew out of childhood in the fifties; a tough time in Texas. A time when we all grew up without electronics, singing on the front porch.

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