Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs in a white basket with a purple ribbon.

Moving our herd of Corriente cattle from the west pasture to the front pasture, I noticed that one red and white cow hung back. She was about a quarter of a mile away, at a nearly depleted round bale. I went down to investigate. There, curled up on the hay, was a black and white spotted heifer calf. She was brand-new, and “fresh from the oven.” I noted the mama’s tag number, 402, in my little tally book (my cell phone, these days). Then I started slowly moving her toward the gate to follow the herd. Another spotted calf was about a yard back from the gate looking through the fence at his mom. His stance, when I tried to push him the additional 3 feet, said

“no, mama’s right there, see!?”  

As 402 walked to and through the gate, he followed her, and “mothered up” on the other side.  Another wreck averted. Whew! It was like my grandma used to say,

“more by luck than sense.”

When all the new baby calves settled in the fresh, tall, spring grass, all of different colors, guarded by the babysitter cow, it put me in mind of a basket of Easter eggs.

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