Cowboys are Part human


They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors
They’re distributed all over the globe
By their outfit they’re distinguished from others
And by certain features: can always be told.

StandingTallInTheSaddle.withCRsmallShowing kindness to kids, women, and creatures
Devotion to mother and their brood
Their church is outdoors were no preachers
Are found. So they just talk with God.

Oh, they range from quiet to rowdy
And their humor can sometimes be rude
But they never forget to say “Howdy”
Or take off their hat when they should.

Their horse is their steady companion
Helping care for the cows in their charge
As they gather the plains and the canyons
For a salary that seldom is large.

Yes, they shy from a roof or a ceiling
Preferring to live out of doors
A camp fire gives that warm inner feeling
And discomfort he often ignores.

When asked whether Cowboys ate grass
A mother answered a certain young woman
Though her response was a little bit crass
“No, dear, they’re actually part human”

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