Tell a Teacher ‘Thank You!’

Two reiners were talking, one says to the other,”I bought another horse last week.”

“Dang, Larry, that makes five this year.”

“Yeah, well, none of them others would switch leads for me so I’m gonna try this one.”

“Sounds like the common denominator in them no lead changin’ horses is you!”

I found out at one point in my career that I could either have a thousand experiences, or the same experience a thousand times.  So instead of circling the same drain for years, I started hunting down teachers.  What a difference it makes!  Instead of wondering whether I’m getting it, there’s someone on the ground, who knows what to look for, who’s telling me what’s going wrong and how to fix it.  It’s worth every dollar I’ve spent on it, asking the master for help.  I’m not going to go religious on you, but it does seem that it is helpful to let go of one’s ego and listen to someone who can help you with your problem, and who knows how to help you.

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