Cold Weather and New Mexico Style Green Chili

Cold weather always stimulates a need in our household for hot food, like gumbo, chili, and especially New Mexico style green chili!

We used to take pilgrimages to Taos in the fall to purchase fresh roasted green New Mexico chilis, and box them up to fly back to Texas and put them in the freezer.  Now we buy already processed roasted, peeled, and chopped autumn roast, hatch chiles.  Then the fun starts.

In a heavy iron kettle (aka dutch oven), get some oil good and hot and brown some chopped meat.  I use venison, but a combination of pork and beef is good.  Or if you want to “go Navajo”, use lamb.

Take out the meat, chop up an onion and saute it.  Then put the meat back in, a few drops of vinegar, a chopped up Irish potato, and cover it with water.  Finally, throw in a box of chopped chilis (we like ‘em HOT!) and a teaspoon or so of cumin, oregano, thyme, and garlic salt.  I usually chop up a few garlic cloves and throw them in.  Bring to a boil, then simmer for hours.  The longer and lower it cooks, the better. After it is well cooked you might want to thicken it with a roux.

“¡Buen Provecho!”

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