Storm on the Horizon, just past the remuda

February Reflections

Sometimes I just sits and thinks…Sometimes I just sits.

“If you don’t like the weather in Texas just wait 15 minutes.” I’ve heard this since I was a teenager but as I sit on the front porch in February in shorts and T-shirt sipping my coffee and slurping my oatmeal I can’t help but reflect on the disastrous snowstorms we hear about in the Northeast.

Recently we visited a friends farm at Cat Spring.  Named that because, when the first settlers came in from Germany and Czechoslovakia, they were array amazed that large cats came to the spring to water. They were Panthers [pronounced paint-uhs] which were plentiful at the time, now somewhat rare. Our friend showed us her beautiful, black stallion, soon destined to be our mare’s husband, and also her still productive tomato vines, with ripe tomatoes — in February.

My wager is that by the end of the month we will have experienced more temperature variations within this one month and the average between winter and summer.

Just wait for the next Norther!!

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