It’s a Good Day

Watching the geldings in the pasture gallop and play on a winter morning, holding my four sixes coffee cup, as the rising sun slants through the kitchen window, we start the day.  The dogs are howling at the night’s last coyote as I fire up the stove.  Red chile salsa colorado starts to heat up and blue corn tortillas get to frying in the old iron skillet, preparing huevos rancheros.

Eventually, we’ll go out and feed the dogs, then head to the barn.  Once the horses in the stalls and pens are hay’d and grained, we will start the day’s work.

What to do first?  Try to get through the mud to fix the water gap that the flood tore down?  Move the one cow who hung back in the corner trap to put her with the herd? Try to ride one of the young geldings out into the pasture for the first time?

Finally, we ride some older horses to the back pasture.  There we find some newborn calves, mama’s still licking them off.  It’s a good day!

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